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About Rods men’s Wear

It all started with an idea: to blend traditional tailoring with innovation while keeping our products accessible and cheap. Rods Men's Wear has been supplying high-quality men's formal clothing since 1998. We have clothed guys of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds. We began by offering high-quality dress suits, shirts, ties, and shoes. As we grew, we discovered the niche in which we currently flourish. We invented attachable/detachable cuffs and collars ten years ago.

Why Rods Men Wear?

Rods Men's Wear is unique in that we are the only online store that manufactures and sells dress shirts with removable cuffs and collars. To guarantee that we save a fiber that suits you, we provide a wide variety of formulations ranging from our ultrafine kinds of cotton for that luxurious shirt to our easy-iron mixes for day-to-day shirts. You may be confident that our fabrics are of the highest quality and personally picked by us.

Custom Oriented Quality Shirts

Customers sometimes ask us how we can tailor such excellent clothes at such a low cost. The solution lies in our humankind's ability to reduce guessing throughout the customizing process. Along with their tailoring backgrounds, our founders approached the construction of suits and dress shirts with an engineering mindset. Our expert tailors provide hundreds of requirements. Indeed the capacity to gather hundreds of data points in visits. Along with the aid in determining ideal patterns to reduce mistakes during the customization process.

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